Thanks for visiting my page. Scroll down to get to know me, find out what I'm doing and what I'm interested in. Feel free contact me about new projects or just to say hello, either by a webform below or by an e-mail.

Who am I

I'm a full-stack developer - I make webpages, web applications, mobile apps and much more. I take care of linux servers and I do workflow automatization scripts. I do basic penetration tests, take care of it sec. I'm creative at implementing new solutions. Also I can take professional photos, prepare graphics, short movies and other stuff that can be done in Adobe Suite. I like to work on maps and GIS applications.


I realy enjoy studing and learning new things. Besides self-learning I gathered few important official diplomas in:
- photography - phototechnician degree at Photographic High School (Technikum Fotograficzne);
- geoinformatics - engineer and masters of science degree at Military University of Technology (Wojskowa Akademia Techniczna);
- informatics and information security at Warsaw University of Technology (Politechnika Warszawska);
- informatics and computer systems at Polish-Japanese Academy (Polsko-JapoĊ„ska Akademia Technik Komputerowych).
I also attended many fascinating courses, of which you can read more on professional profiles or simply by contacting me.

Skills and interests

My skills and interests involve everything that can be done on or with the computers, scripts and new technologies. From Arduino and RaspberryPi, through scripting in Python and Bash on Linux servers to high-level applications on newest Android mobiles and modern web aplications in HTML, JS and PHP. Not forgeting about visualisation and graphics, 3D modeling, movie editing and more.

I'm also quite experienced in taking and correcting professional photos, preparing graphics, digital publishing and prints. I'm intersted in 360 photography and making 3D models. Visual interests led me also to gathering some skills in short movie's editing.

Geoinformatics, GIS and mapping systems are core of most of my apps. I believe that presenting data with cartographic underlay brings much more info and is the future of most of systems. In this field there is also quite interesting science of remote sensing, photogrammetry, 3D modeling and more fascinating sciences grounded on photography basics.

What I do

My first choice is being web and mobile developer, interested in web security. Also doing photos, graphics, short clips and many more.

Web & mobile apps

My main field of work is developing iPhone iOS apps in Swift / Objective-C and webapps in HTML5, JavaScript. Backend in PHP. Automatization scripts in Python. Also mobile apps in Android native and hybrid mobile apps in ReactNative for both iOS and Android.

Penetration testing

Checking webapps security, especially with the help of apps gathered in Kali Linux, BurpSuite and other tools. Interested in physical test with Hak5 toys and Raspberry modules.

Server maintanence

Configuring and maintaining Linux servers. Getting familiar with FreeBSD.

Operating systems

Working mostly on OSX and different Linux distros like Ubuntu, Debian & Kali Linux. Looking forward to get to know more FreeBSD.

Photos and graphics

Taking professional photos, making graphics, making short movies. Everything that can be done in Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects). Also doing 360 shots and 3D models just from photos.

Maps and GIS

Preparing web and mobile apps involning maps, mapping systems in JavaScript libs like LeafletJS, MapBox or Esri Leaflet. Creating and analysing spatial data in ArcGIS, QGIS. Collecting old maps reprints.

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